Why having a moment with ‘You’ is important

On why having thirty minutes of the day just to yourself is important

Let me start by saying, “It is important”.  Amidst our crazy schedule and demanding lives, we are only running to meet expectations, either of our seniors, employees and also our relationships. And, it is hard. Hard to keep on running.

Many of us suddenly find ourselves caught in this ritual of life and are tired at the thought of it. And, that is why it is extremely important to just sit with yourself and give yourself atleast half an hour of undivided attention.

Sit quietly with yourself and your favourite cup of tea. Many of us really don’t have time for the gym or meditation and we think it is “OKAY” to carry on like this.  But, eventually you will find a disconnect with your self and that leads to a lot of emotional stress and turmoil. But by then it is too late. Hence start by making some time for yerself every day, most probably the early morning and sit back and breathe and relax for that time.

It is funny how your inner self will start talking to you in ways you won’t understand. #dontgetcaughtupintheratrace #giveyourselfattention#loveyourself #wisdom #lifetruths


How do you do it?
Choose your comfortable time. At atime when no one is around and you can give yourself undivided attention.
Make yourself your favourite tea involve yourself in making taht tea. Engage with the process shutting off everything and just focusisng on how you want your tea. I go for a herbal Chinese or Tulsi tea.
Sit back comfortably. Relax and sip your tea.
Be Present
Be withyourself
Think about the Day.
Get in positive thoughts
Smile and sip your tea.
Enagage in a quiet conversation with yourself. For example, “I should really join that singing class”.



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