Healthy Breakfast sans oil and masala

I don’t know why but I keep coming back to this yummy breakfast.


A lot of friends have asked me how to make it. So, here it is! My biggest issue though is the amount part because I hate following rules and I believe in trial and error and my understanding of spices, flavor, and salt.  People ask me about quantity and I am like…….

Anyway here it is

Rice flakes Poha

Fresh Curry leaves

1 chopped onion

1 chopped tomato

1 spoon of lime juice or squeeze half a lemon

Half cup peas

Half cup chopped carrots

Teaspoon of black mustard seeds

Olive oil

Half cup chopped potato

Roasted peanuts(handful)


Salt to taste

Jaggery(balance the salt out)(Just a sprinkle)

PROCESS( Simple no Biggie!)

Heat the olive oil in a small Wok or Pan

When slightly warm, add the black mustard seeds(If you may you can add a red dry chili too)

Slight sprinkle of asafetida

Once the seeds splutter, toss in the chopped onions and then curry leaves(handful)(Do NOT go overboard on leaves)

After the onions turn a little less opaque and the sides slightly brown, toss in the potatoes. After a minute of sauteing Add turmeric powder, dry garlic and ginger power. Fry the masala and then add all the veggies and top them with the chopped tomatoes. Add salt and then a little jaggery. Stir-fry for a few minutes till it all gets cooked. You can also smell the flavor out(it is de-stressing) 🙂

Now for the brown rice flakes or flattened brown rice(Any organic store. I don’t use flattened white rice anymore. It is brown for me, but you guys can give the white one a shot too)

What I do is, I wash the rice in big bowl, like twice and then strain it and keep it aside.  It soaks in the water and becomes moist and soft. (One and a half cup of the flattened rice). If you have been cooking you can always increase the quantity accordingly.

Now, for the last part. Toss the rice onto the pan and mix well with the veggies. Squeeze that juice lemon over it all. And, Now for the most important part: Smell and smile! And, Tap in the back!!!! 🙂 🙂

This is it!

(P.S. I am not a great food blogger with fancy pics and an understanding of the quantities. What I do in the kitchen for years is out pure love for the ingredients and the vegetables and spices. No quantity-based cooking. Hence, I feel it has to start this rugged and this pure. But that’s my belief. The quantity mentioned should and work for you guys. Let me know how did it go!)



















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