Your body deserves love! Don’t forget yourself in the rat race!

It is not selfish to look after yourself

I have been meaning to write about this earlier and so here it is. In India, I feel that the new-age women are becoming conscious about their health and fitness and many are hitting the gym or probably riding a bike, but, the number is less, then again, definitely good to note a start. But, what about the women who are married and with kids? Well, again very few! My point is why? We dutifully remember our husband’s breakfast, lunch, dinner and the multivitamins and nuts and also for our children, but, what about us? We mostly think about making the family happy and forget about ourselves.

A recent conversation with a doctor made me realise a very important thing, “You and only you are responsible for your health and nobody else. You cannot blame anybody else.” This is true.

Yes, no harm in loving your family but it is wrong to not love yourself and not take care of your body which would, in turn, take care of the one’s dependent on you. Sadly, this is what we have learned from our mothers and their mothers that the man is the most important and then your kids. This has been the truth for years for a majority of women across the country. There is a shift but very less. It bothers me!

I think it is about time women start appreciating themselves and taking themselves seriously, it cannot be what we have been taught for years. It has to start with “YOU” and then progress to others. I am taking that effort although late but I have taken that step to loving myself and looking at what I eat and yes grabbing almonds as I give it to them as well. It helps to send positive messages to your body and brain that yes “You are in love with your body and you would take care of it!” This positive message is the start to bring about a change in your body.  DO YOU HEAR ME?!

You don’t have to be selfish for this just be informed about certain things that need to be incorporated into your diet with regard to your age. Take brisk walks or hit a basic gym. Understand your body, give it what it asks from you starting with adequate water. Experiment with healthy food. Get fruits and gobble it all up. Meet people or join groups which are inclined to making the body better. Let go of people who teach you otherwise. Go REACH OUT! Let us start loving ourselves starting today!


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