The Art of saying, “No, Thanks!”

This post is mostly for the addicts and not the guys who believe in moderation.

This would sound like a rant, but then yes, this is what my blog is about! (Sadistically smiles) I know I ain’t your mother. Now, coming to the most important thing which is for any of the coffee addicts out there, learning to say “No”! Learning to love your coffee mostly starts at your own home or a friends place and that’s it, your addictive journey to never saying NO to a coffee request continues. But, it is not exactly a happily ever after saga, but, a road fraught with health issues starting with oral hygiene issues.

For me, it started when I was seventeen and has not stopped, but reduced drastically(once a day). Luckily, I don’t smoke so yes it is the only evil I need to conquer. But, the truth is that it is hard. Most of us think they win the health war over coffee by adding brown sugar, but guys who are we kidding? I know for high-pressure jobs you need that hit. But, let us start with probably asking ourselves subconsciously, “do I really need it?” then, “What then, if not this?” and lastly, “do I not love my body enough to at least postpone it to another day or after a few hours?” Once you start asking such questions regularly, your mind starts taking note. Always remember the human body/mind is the most amazing engine ever. And it is true. Whenever someone asks you out for coffee, think about these questions. Also, if a guy or gal asks you out on a coffee date, RUN THE OTHER WAY! 😀 (No honestly if you can) I mean what is this concept anyway? Why can’t we go on juice dates or lunch date? Coffee-dates equals to unhealthy! Period! My kinda man would ask me on matcha latte date. ;P

Secondly for the addicts out there who are at least struggling to reduce the intake, please stack up your office drawer with green tea bags, herbal tea bags and dried fruits like kiwi and fig. Trust me it is not difficult to start loving your body again. Lastly, try grouping with people who have been or are on a similar journey to reducing coffee intake. It is great when people with similar issues rack their brains on solving an issue. You would come up with “The Plan” and not just “A Plan”.

But before hitting the gym, I feel that these simple things need to be worked on and this is a big mental exercise.

I have been able to do it. So can you. Please ask me questions or how-tos. Let’s see if I can be of any use. I’d love to.


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