Mind that oil, please

As promised, I’ll again keep it extremely simple and just help you glance through the oil that go into my everyday cooking. So before anything, I would state the obvious that the most important thing that you should do while cooking is being extra critical about your cooking oil. Yes!!! Read what is written behind the packing. It is about time that you stay away from refined oil, at least!

Now, the oils that I use in the kitchen are, Olive oil, Canola oil, Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut oil and mustard oil for occasional indulgence in a few Bengali cuisines. So, I take turns with the olive oil and Canola Oil. A little pricey than other oils, but in the long run, it proves less costly to your heart, liver, kidney. And, that should be reason enough. Cold-pressed oils are also and an extremely good option for the health conscious ones. As a health journalist, I speak to many nutritionists and this is what they stress on consuming cold-pressed oils as the technology used is way better than refined oils and also has anti-oxidants in it as well. I am sure, in a few months of consuming the above-mentioned cooking oils, you would notice a change. Trust me!

Also, please do not be fooled another most common claim which reads that “This oil contains no saturated fat” because every kind of oil contains has some percentage of saturated fats even though some oils contain more saturated fats than others. please be extra cautious with your oil.

Another important thing that you should do is to read, “Pink Book” released by The Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) which is a part of their initiatives on ‘safe and nutritious food at home’ to create awareness about healthy food items. It is good for starters. It would make you at least be informed about what you eat. A read through that book would make you a little wiser about a few choices. 🙂


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