Sleeves up Women! You need to stop ignoring your health. Like right now!

Did you love yourself enough today? How? Well, did you switch to green tea, Rose tea or amla tea from the regular strong coffee and that masala tea? Well, I did not. I am trying to break away from tea and I know it’s tough, but, I have cut down coffee drastically to either one cup or no cup a day. At least I made a decision to love me. Have, you? Honestly, if I can cut down of coffee anybody can. I am posting this because I feel that women are so caught up in making the life around themselves better that we often forget that we are also a part of the bigger picture and we need to start asking questions. We need to take ourselves seriously! Pause, breathe and think.

Well, I started with tea because it is the first thing we do in the morning meaning that we can replace the first thought to something more positive for the body. Like waking up and opening that green tea jar. Or atleast putting no sugar in your tea and switching to soy milk instead of regular milk.:) The second thing would be to getting more and more vegetables in your diet everyday. Most importantly spinach and broculli. There’s so much that you can do with these two. So, make it simple, but healthy. These are super foods and have like crazy benefits on both the body and mind. So, I’ll kep this post short and make you think about yourself post this. 🙂


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