On cooking…

So, how do I put it? How did you feel when your first crush winked at you or asked you out? Or, if that did not happen, how about first love? Upbeat about life right? Now, if I tell you that when I gather the flour and pour water to knead it, I get a similar feeling. Or, when I dip my finger into all the curries or soups just to have a taste of it. Or better yet, when I lick my lips dry of the smoothies than stain them. The simplest and mundane task of making a chappati is equally joyous as relaxing by the beach. I feel a sense of calm. More than that what has developed for each and every inanimate object in my kitchen, is pure love. Did, I mention the smell of solid garam masala spices in hot oil?

I never in my life imagined that I would be talking about love through my experiences in the kitchen. But, for the people who love their saucepans and pans, they would actually get it. I just admire how willing the salt and other spices are to any person that enter their space. How willingly naked they are in front of you and also at your mercy and you see the most crucial of it all is how much of each you take and toss it in the pan(in love’s case I guess pan would be the relationship). If you are greedy and you put an overdose of salt, it will sting, just like being selfish and wanting more out of another person when you are in love? This is why I hold my kitchen in the highest regard cause of what it offers me every single day without asking me to do anything in return.

It’s surprising how undemanding is it of me, but, makes me want more.  It has taught me about love, that it cannot be taught, you have to let go and it is true. Just that no woman or man who loves to cook would probably tell you that or probably they don’t know it yet.

I still remember hopping from one supermarket to another to get that perfect spatula, which when I found, I was like all smiles. The joy of tossing tikis on the pan. Incomprehensible!

I feel sad how our mothers did not get the credit of cooking for like an army of guests and not go wrong on the masala. An occasional, “the food is yummy,” or “My wife really cooks amazing Biryani” was more than enough for them to start yet another day. Men back then did not realize that it was a great thing to possess, the love for the kitchen, to love cooking and also to love your man enough to hit the stove.

Coming to me, I have learned to love my kitchen over the years. I have learned to learn about how some masalas work and some don’t for me. How too much of masalas and chili powder and ghee is never the answer to good cooking. How every vegetable has so much to offer to one’s curry. How I love blanched veggies with an occasional mashed potatoes on the sides. I love how I always look at asparagus and wonder when will I be bold enough to take it home and make it mine. Yes, haven’t tasted it yet, have heard great stories about it though.

Well, all of this and more has made be just want to start blogging about my experiences in the kitchen. But, well, there’s a little twist. I am not like the regular Indian cooks and food bloggers who believe in fancy and high-calorie dishes and the table. I want to keep it simple and real. And, Healthy! Now, this twist comes with my profession. Health Journalist. I have realized not late but not too soon either that women need to proactively start working towards better health cause we keep the house running. So, this is it and I might take the time to start with it head on. But, yes I would love to hear from you guys and need your support on the way.


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  1. Ridz says:

    Joyeeta, I cannot tell you how happy I am that you have combined both your love for cooking and writing and this is the result 🙂 wish you good luck, in this venture !
    Love the way you have compared love and the love to cook. Great job !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ridz, you are the most kind woman I have ever met. I keep telling myself we could have met way earlier and become better of friends. Thanks, your words mean alot. But, I am still learning how to go about it.


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